Universal Studio Beijing to Open in Spring 2021

Concept art of Universal Studios Beijing

The newest Universal Resort has an opening date set for Spring of 2021. 2021 is already going to be a huge year for theme parks and now this announcement makes it an even bigger one. Universal Beijing will have seven lands themed to Hollywood, Jurassic World, Waterworld, Kung Fu Panda, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Transformers, and a Despicable Me/Minion area.

There has been some rumors about what rides are going into each land and I will break it all down right now.

The Hollywood land has no rumors of what rides or attractions will be going in there, but if it were my guess I would say that some show, possibly a stunt show, would be going in this area. Expect this area to have a Main Street feel with many of the buildings having facades of iconic buildings in Hollywood, California.

Jurassic World will be a very interesting land as there are several patents Universal has filed of many rides that could go here. It is unclear if the Jurassic World ride from Hollywood will be coming to this area or if the Jurassic Park Coaster from Islands of Adventures will be coming to this area. There have been several patent filings of virtual reality type attractions that could lead to a Gyrosphere type ride in this land.

Jurassic World Gyrosphere

The Waterworld area will most likely just have an updated version of the Waterworld stunt show.

Expect the Kung Fu Panda area to have a Kung Fu Panda attraction, although is unclear if this will be the same theater attraction that is currently found at the Hollywood park.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will likely be a copy of the other three with Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey, Ollivanders, and Flight of the Hippogriff as the main attractions.

It is rumored that the Transformers area will feature a signature coaster that will be a copy of The Flying Dinosaur ride from Universal Japan. It is unclear if the Transformers dark ride will also make an appearance

Flying Dinosaur ride from Universal Studios Japan

. The final area will be the Despicable Me/Minion area and will include the Minion Mayhem ride as well as Super Silly Fun Land. Not much else is known about this area of the park.

Well that is all from Universal Beijing, comment below what you think of the rumored attractions and what lands or rides you would like to see come to the park.


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