Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Expansion Coming Soon?

Looks like the success of Oga’s Cantina at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge has Disney green lighting an early expansion to the land. Disney has reportedly green lit the sit down restaurant with live entertainment that was originally scheduled to open with the land.

Concept Art for the sit down restaurant

This restaurant was rumored to have tons of capacity and a live stage show as entertainment while earthlings eat.

Concept Art of Stage

I think that this is a much needed addition to Galaxy’s Edge as reservations for Galaxy’s Edge fill up within a couple hours of opening each day at Disneyland and I would assume even more so when the Hollywood Studios version opens up later this month.

So what do you guys think about this potential addition? Do you welcome it? Would you go eat there? Let me know in the comments below and please share this article and hit the follow button for constant theme park updates. BONUS: STAY TUNED FOR A HUGE ARTICLE TOMORROW ON UNIVERSAL ORLANDO’S NEW THEME PARK!


Pantheon Coming to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2020

Busch Gardens Williamsburg yesterday announced that their 2020 addition will be a record breaking multi launch coaster.

This coaster will be the fastest multi launch coaster in America reaching 72 mph and feature a 95 degree drop. It will be 180 feet tall and and over 3,000 feet of track. Each launch will have varying speeds of 30, 50, 61, and 67 mph. On the 61 mph launch riders will be sent backwards! Imagine that, going 61 mph backwards, now that is pretty intense! There will be two trains with a capacity of twenty people each and the ride is only about two minutes long so hopefully the lines won’t be too long.

Below is the layout for the all new coaster.

Sea World entertainment (which owns the Busch Gardens brand) is making 2020 a full on coaster year with plans for new coasters at Sea World parks in Orlando, San Diego, and San Antonio as well as new coasters such as an RMC conversion of Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa.

What do you think of this brand new record setting coaster? What do you think of all of the other coasters Sea World has planned? Let me know in the comments below and keep reading for a special theme park offer!


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Universal Orlando Set For Major Announcement Thursday

Well well well, Universal is steaming full speed ahead on projects all over the world. Those projects include Super Nintendo World in Japan, Hollywood, and Florida (We will get to Florida in a second). Other major projects are a brand new theme park in a brand new market Beijing set to open in 2021, details here. In Hollywood they just opened Jurassic World and in Orlando they just opened Volcano Bay and an associated resort hotel not too long ago.

Volcano Bay

Currently in Orlando they are working on a yet to be announced Jurassic Park roller coaster and a yet to be announced THEME PARK. That’s right folks after just opening Volcano Bay and still working on a new Beijing park, Universal is going full steam ahead in Orlando with a massive expansion.

Either the Jurassic Park coaster or the new theme park will be announced Thursday, but I have a big hunch that it will be the new theme park considering in a tweet today Universal said they have an EPIC announcement. One of the rumored new names for the park is EPIC WORLD’S, so Universal could be providing us with clues as to their announcement and name of the park for Thursday. Stay tuned for a massive video and blog post on this subject and the announcement.

Universal’s tweet from today

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Brazil Pavilion coming to Epcot?

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Proposed Brazil Pavilion in Epcot

It is being heavily rumored that during the “Epcot Transformation” panel at D23 there will be a brand new Brazil pavilion announced for the World Showcase. According to Jack from the very reliable DSNY Newscast, insiders have alerted him that Disney has received a sufficient amount of funding from Brazil to proceed on construction on the new pavilion relatively soon. Not much is known about what is going in the new pavilion yet, it is not though there will not be any new attraction.

So what do you guys think about this potential new addition to the World Showcase? Comment your thoughts below!


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