Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Costumes Revealed!!

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Galaxy’s Edge Village Costumes

Hello all and tonight we had another unveiling of more new information for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Up above are the four costume designs that cast members will wear while walking through Battu or in the retail and food service areas throughout the planet. Below are the costumes for cast members who are in the Smuggler’s Run attraction. 

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Smuggler’s Run Costumes

The Smuggler’s Run costumes are very interesting to me. I personally do not like the light blue color the vests have and would much prefer it to be a brown to match the rest of the outfit.  

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Village Costumes

These are the costumes cast members will wear while walking or working in the village. I love the designs especially the woman’s outfit. I love the overall color scheme of the outfits, Disney did a fantastic job with the designs and the color scheme. 

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Rise of the Resistance Costumes

Here are the Rise of the Resistance costumes which are spectacular in my opinion. I love how you can easily tell which set is for the First Order and which set is for the Resistance. On a side note this attraction itself is rumored to be absolutely amazing ending with a climatic Tower of Terror-like 40 ft drop to escape the first order ill attach my Youtube video explaining it below. 

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More Villager Costumes

Last but not least, here are the second set of Villager outfits that will be worn throughout the village area of the planet. Again, great color scheme and those jackets will be very helpful in the winter months when it is cold and raining outside.

Overall like I mentioned I think Disney did a fantastic job with this costumes and I cannot wait for more details and to go there myself in June. Thank you guys for reading if you liked this article please consider becoming a patron to get access to exclusive blogs and videos. Also patrons have a chance at winning lots of prizes through my contests as well.


Sugarboo & Co. Company to Downtown Disney

Well Disney Springs fans you have something to look forward too when you make your trip out West. The Disney Parks Blog today announced that Sugarboo & Co. will be opening on the West End of Downtown Disney (DTD).

Inside of Sugarboo & Co. photo from Attractions Magazine

Sugarboo is a family owned boutique store that is filled with plenty of goods for your home such as paintings, pictures, and furnishings.

Some of the goods sold inside Sugarboo

According to Rebecca Puig who owns the company, “My inspirations are my family, nature, animals, old things, children’s art and folk art. I love juxtaposing old and new, light and dark, serious with fluff and anything with a message,” said Puig. “The Downtown Disney District will be our premier location in California. Our store at Disney Springs has received a warm welcome from travelers visiting Orlando near and far, and we’re excited to bring Sugarboo & Co. to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. Our mission is that each Sugarboo piece we send into the world will add a little good!”

Sugarboo & Co. Logo

The new location will open in DTD this Spring. Disney seems to be slowly but surely filling up the now vacant West End of DTD with this new boutique and the recently announced but temporary PopUp! Disney A Mickey and Minnie Celebration!

DCA Food and Wine Festival is back!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post here! Today I am going to be talking about the Food and Wine Festival that will be making its triumphant return to Disney California Adventure (DCA).  This year’s festival will run for an extended eight weeks from March 1st to April 23rd.  The very popular Sip and Savor pass will be returning to this year’s festival and is a great option if you want to end up saving money in the long run.

The festival will have a plethora of events as well as the usual food kiosks lined up and down the parade route.  There will be some events that will require reservations and will also require you to dip into tour wallet as these events are pricey. You will get to hang out with celebrity chef Guy Fieri for one of the events although this particular event is sold out.  One other exclusive event has guests dining with Disney Chefs for the whopping price of $225.  Other events include Wine Seminars and Mixers, Carthay Circle Winemaker Receptions, Sweet Sundays which include breakfasts with the chefs, and lastly cooking demonstrations with chefs.  

There is of course plenty of new commemorative merchandise including Mickey and Minnie ears, shirts, pins, and even signed art.  I for one am very excited for the Food and Wine festival, part of the reason I love California Adventure is because they have seasonal festivals and events that keep the park evolving and very interesting over the course of the year, so be sure to come on out to the Disneyland Resort next week to check this amazing festival PLUS the return of World of Color.

World of Color Finally back at Disney California Adventure

World Of Color at Disney California Adventure

After 11 months of being down and in a extended refurbishment, I am very happy to say that the World of Color is FINALLY back at Disney California Adventure Park (DCA). When the Paint the Night parade left DCA before the holidays the park for several months was left without any nighttime entertainment. After months of Disney not announcing a return I was beginning to worry that it might not be back up before the crowds start coming in for Star Wars Galaxies Edge in June. It is very important DCA has nighttime entertainment and just about any offering that can pull the crowds over from Disneyland this summer. It is reported that the show will be the old show for now which is great because a lot of people I talk to love the old show the best.

I hope you are as excited about this as I am please share that excitement and comment below what your favorite version of this show is and until then stay tuned for my next article coming soon detailing the DCA Food and Wine Festival which starts next week.

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Coaster Opens June 13th, 2019 at Islands of Adventure

Concept art by Universal

Well folks we finally have an opening date AND a name for Universal’s new coaster over at Islands of Adventure. It will be called Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and will debut June 13th, 2019 in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This coaster will have several exciting elements to it and very unique cars that are themed to Hagrid’s motorbike. If you would like a full breakdown of each and every coaster element and scene make sure to check out my video on my channel that talks about everything in very high detail. That video link can be found here:

Concept art by Orlando Park Stop of Hagrid’s Magic Creature Motorbike Adventure

Thanks to fellow blogger, Orlando Park Stop, we have this unreleased piece of concept art of the coaster and surrounding area detailing how highly themed this coaster will be. This coaster will have six launches, forwards and backwards moments, sixteen scenes, and a drop track which is my personal favorite element of this coaster. The layout can be scene below.

Image result for hagrid's magical creatures coaster
Track Layout by Orlando Park Stop

Thanks again to Orlando Park Stop for providing the track layout with all of the elements labeled. I for one am very excited to be watching POV’s and riding this coaster in the very near future as it will be open in less than four months from now. So guys just be patient for a few months then fly on out to Orlando and get in line because this ride is sure to be one heck of an adventure!

New Play Pavillion and Entrance coming to Epcot

Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new theme park blog to coincide with my Youtube channel Theme Park Wizard. Today we are starting off with some breaking news out from Epcot in Walt Disney World. The Disney Parks Blog today announced that a new Play Pavillion will occupy the former Wonders of Life building in 2021 just in time for Disney Worlds 50th Anniversary. According to the blog the pavillion will feature a city environment that will have lots of interactivity. You will also get to meet Disney characters within the pavillion. Here is some concept art of what this area will look like.

Concept art by Disney of Epcot Play Pavilion

When I look at this piece of concept art I immediately get reminded of the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet. Specifically the scene where Ralph and Vanellope go to the Oh My Disney convention and in there they have a Star Wars area and an area where you can meet all of the Disney Princesses. They have several stages and meet and greets and interactive elements and I believe that is exactly what this area is going to be. One thing to note is that there is no official name yet for this pavillion.

Next up Epcot is getting a brand new entrance which can be seen below.

Concept art by Disney of Epcot’s new entrance

As you can see in the photo the new area removes the Leave a Legacy stones and relocates them outside of the park. This leaves much more room for wider walkways and new planters and benches when the crowds storm the park for all of its new offerings. There will also be a new fountain that pays homage to the original fountain when Epcot first opened. It is a very exciting time for Epcot with so much going on so be sure to keep checking back here for updates and thank you so much for reading my very first blog article!