The Battu Series: The Final Part

So yesterday Disney had their dedication ceremony of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and all the stars were there to celebrate. Watching various live streams and videos I was thoroughly amazed by the amount of attention to detail and effort Walt Disney Imagineering put into this land.

Dedication of Galaxy’s Edge

I cannot wait until I get to see it for myself this Sunday and expect a photo update from the Disneyland Resort this weekend as well on this blog. What do you guys think of Galaxy’s Edge? What do you think of this series The Battu Series? Should I do more like it on this blog? Any and all feedback is welcome in the comments below!


The Battu Series: Part Four Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run

Millennium Falcon Cockpit

Hello and welcome back to The Battu Series where today I will talk all about the Smuggler’s Run attraction. Wow, this day is what people such as my mom and others have been waiting for, the day they can finally take a picture in front of and pilot the Millennium Falcon. While I see this ride as a Star Tours 2.0, major Star Wars fans are going to absolutely love this thing and want to keep going on it over and over again.

This ride has a couple of advantages over Star Tours though. One of them is that it is a brand new ride with bran new technology. Another advantage is that is is more personal and intimate than Star Tours because this vehicle only has six seats compared to the twenty-five or so of Star Tours. Lastly, each seat will have a role to play in the ride. There will be two pilot, two engineers, and two gunners. Each seat will be randomly assigned as to avoid long lines for any one position.

The backstory to this attraction is that you are helping Hondo (who will be an animontronic in the pre-show) do missions using the Falcon for rewards. This attraction is extremely interactive, if you fly the ship and wreck it then you will not get a reward and Hondo will be very upset with you. If you an amazing job you will get a reward (credits) to use throughout Battu. Watch out though, after you have done the missions the First Order troops could be looking for you to arrest you.

The queue will be very interactive and immersive as well. You will get to walk through the halls of the ship and hang out in the chess room while your party is waiting to be called to pilot the Falcon.

Millennium Falcon Chess Room

So what do you guys think of this attraction? Does it interest you? Will you be riding it when you visit Battu? Are you waiting until Rise of the Resistance opens? Comment your thoughts below!

The Battu Series: Part Three, Droid and Light-Saber Building Experiences

Happy Memorial Day! As of this article we are just FOUR DAYS away from the opening of Galaxy’s Edge. On May 29th, Disney will host on official dedication ceremony via the Disney Parks Blog Live-stream so stay tuned for that. In this next chapter of The Battu Series I will be talking about the Droid and Light-saber building experiences and the price of each activity.

Light sabers from Savi’s Workshop

So let’s start off with the light-sabers. Once inside Galaxy’s Edge you will need to find Savi’s Workshop. It will not be in plain sight and you will have to do some exploring in the village to be able to find it. Once you have found it, you must give the secret password to be allowed to go inside.

Once inside the experience begins and you start building your light-saber. Not much yet is known about the experience or what it entails, but I do know there are four different types of light-saber hilt themes you can choose from. They include peace and justice, power and control, elemental nature, and protection and defense.

In your light-saber box you will be provided with one hilt, four sleeves, two emitters, two pommel caps, and two sets of activation plates and switches. Only the builder and one guest can enter the experience at a time. Passholder discounts do not apply for this attraction and the most important piece of information is that the price is $199.99.

Droid Depot Image by Disney

Next up is the Droid Depot where you will get to customize and build your own droid. This experience is only $99.99, but that price can go way up if you buy all the accessories that come with the droid. You have the option to get a BB series droid or a R2 series droid. No matter which one you get they still only come with four basic parts.

Next you will go to the Build Station where a monitor will show you how to assemble your droid. There will also be pre-built droids available for purchase such as Captain Rex from Star Tours and a full size R2-D2 for $25,000. Each droid will come with a bluetooth chip to interact with each other as well as with other elements throughout Galaxy’s Edge. What do you think of these two attractions and will you be experiencing them? Comment below your thoughts and follow this blog for continuous theme park and Galaxy’s Edge updates. The Battu Series continues tomorrow with a description and my predictions for the Smuggler’s Run attraction.

The Battu Series: Part Two, How to get in!

Welcome back to The Battu Series! In this segment I am going to tell you exactly how you can get into Battu if you have not secured a reservation already, so let’s get right into it!

If you plan on going to Battu between May 31st and June 23rd you need a reservation to get into the land. There are two ways to do that. The easiest way was if you got in the virtual queue on and made your reservation that way. Since those are all gone, there is now only one way to get into Battu during this period and it is to book a room at any one of the three Disneyland Resort hotels. Once you book your room you will automatically get an email with your reservation day and time. I just booked my hotel room at the Disneyland Hotel for June 1st- June 2nd and the cheapest room was $561. The next cheapest after that was $895, so if you plan to stay at one of the hotels then book it soon before prices rise.

Disneyland Hotel

Starting from June 24th guests WILL NOT need a reservation, but WILL be put into a virtual queue system if the land fills up to capacity. My best advice to you would be to get to the parks at opening so you can enjoy Battu as long as possible and when it is not as crowded as later in the day. If you do get placed in the virtual queue system, then I will explain how that works.

Disneyland App, Image by Disney

Guests will first have to have the Disneyland app and have a Disney account to be able to log into the app. (Note: Having the app is great tool to have anyway for the interactivity of Galaxy’s Edge) Once you log into the app there will be a status bar over Galaxy’s Edge stating if its not at capacity (Good to go) or it is at capacity (Virtual Queue).

Once in the Virtual Queue you will receive a boarding group that you are put into. A notification will pop up on the app alerting you when you will be able to access Galaxy’s Edge. You are able to enjoy the rest of the resort and ride other attractions until your notification pops up. When your notification pops up you will have TWO HOURS to check in to Galaxy’s Edge before your are kicked out of the Virtual Queue.

Lastly, I am going to talk about the check in process for reservations and the Virtual Queue. If you have a reservation (hotel or app) you must check on at Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland and a cast member will give you further instructions.

Star Wars Launch Bay Entrance

If you are entering via Virtual Queue, then there will be cast members stationed at the Galaxy’s Edge entrance to assist you.

So there you have it guys and gals, every possible way to get into Battu. Coming up tomorrow I will be talking about the droid building experience, and light-saber experience including the prices and the different types of droids and sabers you can build and purchase, so stay tuned as we continue our Battu Series on Galaxy’s Edge opening week!

Comment below your thoughts and further questions on the check in process and I will be very happy to answer them for you!

The Battu Series: Part One

Galaxy’s Edge Concept Art from Disney

Hello guys and gals we are under one week away until Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disneyland Park in Anaheim. This week I will be posting daily articles on my new Battu Series on what you need to know to be fully prepared for your visit to Galaxy’s Edge.

Millennium Falcon Art by Disney

I am lucky enough to visit Battu on opening weekend June 2nd, so if your are in the resort and see me feel free to say hello! I will be staying at the Disneyland Hotel for the very first time so I am extremely excited about that. So starting tomorrow I am going to piece by piece give you all the in’s and out’s of Galaxy’s Edge starting with how to get in if you haven’t figured it out already, so stay tuned for that! Also, if you are planning on going to Galaxy’s Edge and would like to do an interview with me about your experience in the land please feel free to leave a comment below with your social media and I will be sure to contact you!

Rinse Bath & Body Co. Now Open in Downtown Disney

A couple of weeks ago Rinse Bath and Body Co. opened their first West Coast location in Downtown Disney. If the name sounds familiar to you, it is most likely because there is a location in Disney Springs in Florida and they have a booth set up at the Festival of Holidays every year at Disney California Adventure.

This new store is located in the former Alamo Rent A Car office located near the monorail beam. In the store they sell loads of bath and body soaps, beard bars, shower bombs, and much more! What do you think of this brand new addition to Downtown Disney? Comment your thoughts below!

Tale of the Lion King to Debut at Disney California Adventure June 7th

Concept art from Disneyland News Today of Tale of the Lion King

So on July 19th, the highly anticipated live action remake of The Lion King hits theaters around the globe and Disney is celebrating the movie’s release with a summer long Lion King Celebration at Disney California Adventure (DCA). The signature act Tale of the Lion King being performed multiple times daily on a new stage to be built at the World of Color viewing area.

The show will feature drummers, singers, actors, and dancers performing a multitude of songs retelling the story of The Lion King. This celebration will run from June 7th until the end of Labor Day weekend as yet another way to try and draw away and disperse crowds from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, This will be the fourth summer celebration DCA has had following the 60th Anniversary, Summer of Heros, and Pixar Fest. What are your thoughts on this new show and celebration coming to California Adventure? Comment below your thoughts and questions!

Hyperspace Mountain Back for Summer at Disneyland

As a consolation prize for anyone who cannot get a reservation to Galaxy’s Edge, Hyperspace Mountain will be back for the crowds to enjoy. Hyperspace Mountain came back as part of a two day celebration celebrating Star Wars Day on the weekend of May 4th and May 5th. That celebration included Captain Phasma leading the storm trooper march as well as other Star Wars festivities throughout the weekend.

Personally, I love Hyperspace Mountain and it is my favorite version of Space Mountain and I wish it would stay indefinitely. Reactions on Twitter have been mostly negative as the Disney purists typically do not like changes nor do they like the Space Mountain overlays. If you look at the wait times though, they seem much higher whenever Hyperspace Mountain is around suggesting the causal visitor or even annual passholder likes the attraction overlay. What are your thoughts on Hyperspace Mountain? Comment below and let’s have an active discussion.