Take A Peek Inside the WDW Skyliner!

Concept Art by Disney of the Skyliner

Last week Disney revealed an inside look of the new Disney Skyliner transportation system coming to the Walt Disney World Resort later on this year. As shown in the above concept art, most of the gondolas will have a special design on them featuring a Disney character. Some gondolas will just be plain with a single color on them.

disney skyliner interior
Photo by Attractions Magazine of the interior of the Gondola

Each gondola will festaure bench seating with a capacity of up to ten people. No word yet on if strollers will be allowed in the gondola, but based on the amount of space I would think they would not be allowed on the system. The gondolas will also not have any air conditioning and will travel speeds in between 9-11 mph. According to Disney it should not take anyone longer than 7 min to travel in between destinations, so a person should not have to be in a gondola for too long. Each gondola will also have little open slits allowing air to come in as it is traveling to its next destination.

No word on if they will operate during stormy weather or if they will just be temporarily shut down during that time. This system has been heavily testing over the past few weeks and a portion of it could open early if all goes well. So will you be taking the Disney Skyliner? Do you like the character designs? What do you think about strollers and the lack of air conditioning? Comment all your thoughts below and if you love this content please follow this site!


Bo Peep Meet and Greet coming to Disney Parks

Bo Peep Walking Around Disney Parks

In Honor of Toy Story 4 coming out this June, Disney Parks Blog has announced that Bo Peep will be making an appearance at Disney Parks around the world as part of a meet and greet. She will be coming to Disneyland Paris, Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure, and Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Later on this summer she will be traveling to the Asian parks as well. Toy Story 4 opens in theaters June 21, 2019 for the epic conclusion to this amazing franchise so make sure to head over to Disney Parks to go take your picture with Bo Peep this summer! Comment below your thoughts on this meet and greet and if you like my content please be sure to give this page a follow for constant updates on new articles!

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Looking to Add 315 ft Tall Coaster?

Busch Gardens has filed permits for a new coaster for 2020 asking to build up to 315 feet above grade. Apparently, this does not mean that any new coaster will be that tall though as the terrain is very rough and in actuality the coaster could just be 180 feet tall. The permits also indicated a 159 foot tall top hat element.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details of this coaster as they become available and comment below what type of coaster you think it is or what type of coaster you would like to see go in this spot!

Tigris Opening at Busch Gardens Tampa April 19th!

Tigris Coaster

Busch Gardens Tampa has announced that Tigris is opening in just a couple of weeks on April 19th. Tigris is the same model of coaster as Electric Eel at Sea World San Diego and several other coasters around the country.

This Skyrocket model coaster is perfect for theme parks that do not have large spaces for expansion as it is a very compact yet thrilling coaster. Next door to Tigris is Gwazi which is undergoing a massive RMC renovation marching for a 2020 debut. What are your thoughts on Tigris and will you be riding it in a couple of weeks? Let me know down in the comments below!

Universal Studios Singapore Set to Undergo a Major Expansion

Concept Art for Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Singapore, Universal’s smallest park at only 49 acres, is set to undergo a massive expansion in the coming years that will expand th 120 acre resort by 40 acres to 160 acres. This expansion will bring a Minions Park area and Super Nintendo World to the park.

Minions Park is currently in Universal Studios Japan and is an expansion of the Super Silly Fun Land area and it looks quite charming in my opinion. Minions Park will replace the Madagascar area in Singapore. Super Nintendo World is coming to Japan, Florida and California and I expect the layout of the one coming to this park to be similar in style to the Japan and California locations.

The 3.3 Billion dollar expansion will also include resort enhancements like tripling the size of the resort’s S.E.A aquarium and bringing a people-mover type system connecting Sentosa Island to the Sentosa Mainland. This people-mover will have a capacity of 1,800 people per hour and should really help with the increased crowds when all these expansions open up. Lastly, there will be a new “Waterfront Lifestyle Complex” that will include two new Universal hotels.

This humongous expansion will begin construction in 2020 with new attractions opening up each year until 2025! Comment below what you think of this massive expansion. Would you guys like to see Universal put something unique in their expansions instead of just copying attractions and lands from one park to the next?

Ant-Man and The Wasp Nano Battle Now Open at Hong Kong Disneyland

Concept art by Disney of Ant-Man and the Wasp attraction

This past weekend Hong Kong Disneyland opened their second Marvel attraction: Ant-Man and the Wasp Nano Battle. The ride opened March 28th, 2019 and has guests fend off enemies by shooting lasers at them. This ride repurposed the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters attraction and in terms of the ride system nothing has changed. It is still an omnimover and the pods have a slightly updated look to them to match the Marvel theming.

Nano Battle Pod

The outside of the attraction building also got a complete makeover to fit in with the new Marvel area coming to Tomorrowland which includes the already opened Iron Man Experience and the new E-Ticket Avengers Coaster coming to the area in 2023.

Exterior of Ant-Man attraction
Iron Man Experience attraction
Concept art for Avengers Coaster

Comment below what you think of the new Marvel themed area in Hong Kong Disneyland and comment whether you think some of these rides will make it to California Adventure or Paris.