Universal Studios Hollywood: Construction Photo Update

Universal Studios Hollywood

Welcome to a brand new segment here on this blog and that’s right it features construction updates. Expect updates from mostly Disney and Universal as I have passes to those parks so I am able to go way more often than any other SoCal theme park. Today we are going to take a look at my Universal Studios Hollywood trip from last Friday where I went into the park to check out Halloween Horror Nights (HHN), Secret Life of Pets (SLOP), Super Nintendo, and Jurassic World construction, so let’s get right to it!

Halloween Horror Nights

There are two visible HHN sites under construction at this time. There is one on the upper lot by SLOP and there is another one hidden behind Mummy that you can see as you go down the Starway escalators.

I have not seen any rumors online about what the Upper Lot maze will be, but it is highly rumored that the maze near Mummy will be Killer Clowns From Outer Space. This seems to be correct because the front of the maze looks like a Circus tent.

Secret Life Of Pets

This ride has seen tons of progress over the past few months with the entire show building just about enclosed and work is rapidly progressing on the front facades of the attraction.

Scaffolding is down on most of the building
Peeking through the scrim, you can see work on the facades taking shape
More facade work on what will be the grand entrance of the attraction

I think this will be a wonderful addition to the park as it is rumored to have little to no screens. It is rumored to be an omnimover or track based dark ride. It is hard to see through the scrim on camera, but in person you can see they are working on each show scene on the second level of the attraction.

Jurassic World

This area has really shaped up to be so beautiful and so much of an improvement from what was there previously. The remodeled Jurassic Cafe and Jurassic Outfitters fits a very modern vibe and the new Isla Nu-Bar is a great beverage option. Universal should be announcing an opening date any day now for this revamped attraction.

New Jurassic World Logo
Great beverage options at Isla Nu-Bar
New signage at Jurassic Outfitters
Jurassic World Ride and DinoPlay Signs
Brand new Raptor Encounter

I also love the new grey and blue color tones painted around the area to match the aesthetic of the movies. If you would like to see a full walk around of the area plus Jurassic World testing and a close up of the boats, then click this link.

Super Nintendo World

Lastly, we come to Super Nintendo construction which is rapidly progressing, but the area and show building are so large it is hard to see the progress because there is just so much to be done.

View from the Starway, the crane is the site of Mario Kart
Closer view of Mario Kart
Foundation work for Mario Kart attraction
Mario Kart work
You can tell from the height of the stair case it will be a 5 story building
Lastly, here is the new extended queue for Transformers which should be opening soon

So that is it guys, I really hope you enjoyed my first photo update and want me to do more! Comment below what you think of all the Universal Studios construction and keep reading for some special offers on your next vacation!

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Explore Wildwood Grove at Dollywood

Wildwood Grove Dollywood

A couple of months ago Dollywood in Tennessee opened their largest expansion yet, Wildwood Grove. This fantastic addition composes of several new family rides and an family inverted coaster.

Central area of Wildwood Grove

There is the Wildwood Tree which plays music during the day and at night is beautifully lit up.

Wildwood Tree

There is a water play area called Wildwood Creek and a jungle gym area called Hidden Hollow. There are six new rides including Dragonflier, The Mad Mockingbird, Treetop Tower, Great Tree Swing, Black Bear Trail, and Frogs and Fireflies.

Everything excluding the Dragonflier are flat rides, while the Dragonflier is an inverted coaster.


The Dragonflier is a Vekoma family inverted coaster that can fit twenty riders per train and goes about 46 mph. It stands 63 feet tall and has a track length of nearly 1,500 feet.

What do you guys think of this new expansion to this great thematic park? Have you been to Dollywood? Are you planning to go in the future or near future? Would you like to see a version of the Dragonflier come to a Disney or Universal park near you? Comment your thoughts below and be sure to hit that follow button!

Walt Disney World Increases Annual Pass Prices just in time for Galaxy’s Edge

Disney World has increased their ticket prices just in time for their version of Galaxy’s Edge to open August 29th. Here are the price increases as follows:

Premier Passport: Price increased from $1,949 to $2,099.

Platinum Plus Pass (Non FL Resident): Price increased from $994 to $1,219.

FL Resident and DVC member price increased from $849 to $999.

Platinum Pass: Non FL resident increased from $894 to $1,119.

Fl resident and DVC increased from $749 to $899.

Gold Pass (DVC and FL resident): Price increased from $609 to $699.

Silver Pass (FL resident): Price increased from $479 to $529.

Theme Park Select Pass (FL resident): Price stayed at $439.

Weekday Select Annual Pass (FL resident): Price increased from $319 to $349.

Epcot After 4 Annual Pass (Fl resident): Price increased from $289 to $309.

Water Parks Pass: Price increased from $130 to $139.

Water Parks after 2 Annual Pass (FL residents): Price increased from $79 to $89.

Well there you have it, those are your 2019 WDW annual pass price increases, comment below your thoughts and if you will be purchasing another annual pass this summer.


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60th Anniversary to Three Iconic Disneyland Attractions

Matterhorn Bobsleds


On this day sixty years ago three iconic Disneyland attractions opened as part of the theme park’s first major expansion. Those attractions were the Matterhorn, Monorail, and Submarine Voyage.

The Matterhorn was the first mountain to be built in Disneyland. It has also earned its place on the National Register of Roller Coasters due to it being the first tubular steel roller coaster ever built. It has gone through various changes and renovations throughout its sixty years such as getting new trains and new fresh coats of paint every few years on the mountain. The ride has become very rough over the years and there have been continuous efforts to try and improve the ride experience, but unfortunately they do not seem to be working.

Disneyland Monorail


Just like the Matterhorn, the Disneyland Monorail has gone through some significant changes in its past sixty years. For starters it opened as a sight seeing attraction with only one station. A few years into operation, it got a station at the Disneyland Hotel, thereby making it a full transportation system. The Disneyland Monorail was the first operating monorail system in the United States and continues to be one of just a very few systems operating in the country. The Monorail uses Mark trains and ever couple of decades the trains get updated to the next generation.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage


Lastly, another transportation attraction opened on this date sixty years ago and that is the Submarine Voyage. Located in the lagoon in Tomorrowland, this attraction provides a picturesque view of the Matterhorn and Monorail stop. This attraction was the first out of the three to stop operating. After a few decades it came back for the 50th anniversary and was re-branded as Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. The attraction got a new paint job and a new story and screens and continues to operate as of today.

There are non stop rumors that two of these three attractions will be significantly altered or removed as part of a Fantasyland or Tomorrowland expansion. There are rumors the subs will be going away completely and the Monorail track will be significantly altered for the Disneyland expansions as well as the Eastern Gateway and DCA expansion.


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Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Has Opened at Island’s of Adventure!

Hagrid’s Motorbike Concept Art By Universal

The day has finally come! The most anticipated addition to Universal Orlando since the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is here and it attracted a 600 minute (10 hour) wait time by park opening.

10 hour wait time

Hagrid’s replaced Dragon Challenge and is a PERFECT addition to Hogsmeade and it is themed beautifully. Universal planted 1,200 trees to create a man made forest for the coaster trains to travel through. The Forbidden Forest is super picturesque with Hogwarts Castle fitting perfectly behind it to create a stunning background picture.

The queue is also beautifully themed to the ruins of Hogwarts and has a pre-show with Hagrid showing everyone how to ride the motorbike.

Ride Entrance

Throughout the ride itself you get to experience multiple launches, several animatronics and show scenes, and a trip through Devil’s Snare which includes a drop track that drops you several feet.

Central area of the ride

The ride also includes a pretty steep Spike element where the train will climb the Spike and then freefall backwards along the next section of the coaster.

Image result for hagrid's motorbike adventure spike
Spike Element

Here is a full POV of the ride so you can see it for yourself!


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Well that’s it for today’s update, comment below on what you think about Universal’s new coaster and would you want to ride it?

Black Tap Has Opened at Downtown Disney!

Black Tap at Downtown Disney

A couple months ago Black Tap finally opened in Downtown Disney despite months of constant setbacks. It has been massively popular with guests though as ever since opening day there have been constant lines for both the To Go window and the sit down restaurant.

Image result for black tap downtown disney
Crazy Shake To Go Windows

You can only get the shakes at the To Go windows, which is a great option and frees up space inside the restaurant for people who want other menu items. They are famous for their CrazyShakes which they do insane things do such as add pieces of cake on top. Other types of shakes have M&M’s and chocolate chip cookies and lollipops.

A dessert with cookies and chocolate, another with cotton candy and hard candy, and the last with pretzel sticks, chocolate and m & m candies
CrazyShakes Image by Disney

Other menu items include craft burgers and different types of beers.

Hands holding a burger with bacon, onion rings and barbecue sauce
Craft Burger image by Disney

So if these items look good to you, then I suggest you come on out to Downtown Disney and give these food and drinks items a try. Comment below what do you think about these items and have you try them? If so, then did you like them or dislike them? Thoughts?

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Yukon Striker Open at Canada’s Wonderland

Yukon Striker

Last month Yukon Striker opened at Canada’s Wonderland as the longest and fastest Dive Coaster in the world. It has a track length of over 3,600 feet and has a drop of 245 feet. It replaced the park’s former coaster, SkyRider, which has been sent over to another park and renamed Freestyle.

So if you like Dive Coasters, get on over to Canada’s Wonderland this summer to try this monster out! Comment below have you been on it? Do you like it? Thoughts?