Major Multi-Year Overhaul for Epcot!

Epcot Transformation Concept Art

Lots of brand new details of Epcot’s transformation were confirmed today at D23 and I am going to break it all down right here in this article.

New Festival Center

Festival Center Concept Art

Part of the transformation of Epcot includes a brand new three story festival center and nighttime spectacular viewing area. Personally, I think this looks fantastic and will be a great addition to the park and add some lovely greenery and open spaces to the park. This coupled with the addition of the Moana water gardens will be amazing to walk through.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art

It was revealed that Epcot will be home to a Xandarian Outpost that will home to the Guardians of the Galaxy. In Cosmic Rewind riders will be able to experience the first ever reverse launch in a Disney coaster! This will be a story telling coaster in which each car will rotate to show you all the show scenes as you travel throughout the ride.

World Showcase

A few new things are coming to the World Showcase. A new CircleVision film will be coming to the Canada Pavilion. Ratatouille Remy’s Adventure will be coming to the France Pavilion as well as a new crepery.

Remy’s Concept Art

A new Mary Poppins “Highly Immersive” ride will be coming to the U.K Pavilion in time for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.

New Epcot Neighborhoods

At the end of the presentation it was announced that Epcot will be rezoned into four distinct neighborhoods that better suit the new theme and direction that the park is going in. Also Spaceship Earth will go through an extensive refurb that will change every single scene except the Industrial Revolution. Lastly, the restaurant next to Mission Space will be called Space 220.

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Star Wars: Galactic Starcrusier Revealed!

Starcruiser concept art

As part of a slew of announcements last night, Bob Chapek revealed more concept art and an official name for the Star Wars hotel being built next to Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. Not much new info is known besides the rumored price of $3,300 for two nights for a single person and $7,000 for multiple people. Stay tuned as this story will be updated on Sunday with more information as soon as it is provided!

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Moana Inspired Journey of Water Attraction on its way to Epcot!

All Concept Art provided by The DIS

In a bit of unexpected surprising news and the first of many stories about Epcot, a Moana themed attraction is on its way to the park. According to Disney this attraction will, “Let guests interact with magical living water in a beautiful and inspiring setting.”


Above is a model of the attraction which looks very spacious and tropical. Depending on how interactive this is, I think it will be a nice thing for families to do (especially at night) and it will add to a growing list of attractions at Epcot which is a great thing.

What do you think of this new attraction? Comment your thoughts below!

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Full Avengers Campus Concept Art photo courtesy of OC Register

Tonight during the D23 media preview, Bob Iger revealed that the official name of Marvel Land will be Avengers Campus and there was some concept art that finally reveals the entire land in one piece.

The name Avengers Campus is not too much of a surprise because Jim Hill actually leaked that name over a year ago on his podcast. Unfortunately, Disney did not choose one of the cooler names that DSNY Newscast leaked a few weeks ago.

Breaking down this concept art piece by piece, we see that the Spider-man attraction is featured prominently with more detail still including the swinging Spider-man and crane feature that I think will host a stunt show of some sort. In the middle we see the Avengers “A” as a sort of central gathering point in the middle of the land. It is widely assumed that the microbrewery will be located to the left of the plaza and the Avengers gift shop will be located just above the plaza. That means the Doctor Strange show will be located to the bottom right of the plaza and that looks like just the right amount of space for a Jedi Training Academy type show. If we get any more details on Avengers Campus Sunday I will update them here so stay tuned!


So the Parks Panel just finished up and we got some great new concept art and details about the Spider man ride and Avengers ride. Starting off with the Spider man ride it seems like the backstory is that the W.E.B is hosting an open house and we guests get to test out their new vehicles in their facility. Along the way we will be fighting spiderbots they have gotten loose within the facility. Guests will be using webslingers to capture the bots using augmented reality.

Concept art for Spiderman Attraction

Next up we have the Avengers ride coming to the Timon lot at California Adventure,

Image result for marvel land phase 2
Concept art for Avengers E Ticket

Very little details were given about this ride so far except that, “Guests will be flying alongside the quinjet to Wakanda to help the Avengers defeat one of their most powerful foes.” To me that sounds like we will be going through the final battle of Wakanda from Infinity War. Disney has stated that Imagineers are coming up with an innovative new ride system for this attraction which is good because at first it seemed like a simulator, but hopefully it will be an innovative new coaster.

What are your thoughts on the name Avengers Campus, Avengers ride, Spiderman ride and the concept art in general? Let’s discuss below!

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New Marquee Revealed for Sunset Showcase Theater In California Adventure

Well Disney has finally listened to my suggestion of moving the entrance to the Sunset Showcase theater off of Hollywood Blvd so that it can be easily accessible and visible to guests. When Mickey’s Philharmagic opened a few months ago, not many guests were venturing in to see the new show and that is something that continues to be true to this day. The two times I saw the show the theater had a maximum of fifteen to twenty people inside.

One of the reasons that I was thinking had to do with the very low attendance is that guests simply did not know the show had existed and they could not find the entrance to the Sunset Showcase Theater. The theater is tucked away in the back-lot of Hollywood Land and guests really only see it if they are venturing out to go ride Monsters Inc. As for Philharmagic itself, there was absolutely no advertising by Disney in places such as the Esplanade or even in Hollywood Land itself to let people know that there was a new show back there.

Luckily, this summer Disney has been correcting this problem by re-configuring the Award Wieners seating area and queue for Sunset Showcase to have a direct entrance off of the main thoroughfare in Hollywood Land which is Hollywood Blvd.

New Sunset Showcase entrance, All photos courtesy of WDWNT

So what do you think of the new marquee and entrance? Will you now be going to see Mickey’s Philharmagic? Did you know the show or theater existed before this article? Comment your thoughts below!

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My Thoughts on the Sony/Disney Spiderman Feud and How it Affects Marvel Land

So today some rather breaking and shocking news came out regarding Sony and Disney’s Spiderman deal. It was widely being reported that Sony and Disney were renegotiating the Spiderman deal and that Disney wanted a 50/50 partnership for future Spiderman movies compared to the 5% they get now per movie.

Spiderman is Sony’s biggest and arguably only franchise so it would make sense that Sony would want to keep most of the financial gain from Spiderman to keep the studio afloat. With that in mind, Sony quickly rejected Disney’s initial offer and is currently negotiating a new deal or is threatening to take back full control of Spiderman putting the future of the MCU as it is right now at risk. It is also putting Marvel Land at risk because the headlining attraction is of course the Spiderman ride.

Lets say the deal falls flat and Sony gets back Spiderman, let’s talk about the potential implications of Marvel Land. So let’s say that Sony says that Spiderman cannot be a part of any attractions in Marvel Land, what will Disney do? Well for one I can definitely tell you the ride will be delayed by a few months to possibly a year because Disney will have to change it to a new Marvel character (I vote Captain America or Doctor Strange) as well as re-film all of the scenes and change out psychical sets to match the new story of the attraction. That would be quite the blow to California Adventure as it definitely needs continued investment and rather quickly. It would also be a blow to the Disneyland Parks Panel at D23 because the main announcement for Disneyland is Marvel Land as well as a model showing the land.

So what do you think about this developing story and how it will impact the theme parks? Comment below your thoughts I would love to know them!

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My Top 5 Rides at the Disneyland Resort!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Welcome! Today am I going to list my top 5 rides at the Disneyland Resort! I would love for you to comment below whether you agree or disagree with this list. This top 5 is from both Disneyland and California Adventure so let’s get started right now!

5. Hyperspace Mountain

I absolutely love this version of Space Mountain. It is my favorite version that is offered at the Disneyland Resort and it takes you on the same track as the classic Space Mountain, but with special effects and music themed to Star Wars. This version is currently being offered at Disneyland right now and an end date is not known at this time.

4. Radiator Springs Racers

Arguably the best themed attraction Disney ever made is 4th on my list because the other three rides ahead of it are more thrilling, but mark my words this is a MUST DO attraction while your at the Disneyland Resort. This attraction and Cars Land itself are a reason to get a park hopper ticket alone. This masterpiece of a ride is half dark ride (with incredibly impressive animontronics with mouths that move on some of them) and half thrill ride implementing a Test Track like system that propels the vehicles on a racing track to the finish line. Not only is the ride amazing, but its showbuidling is among the best out there. Cadillac Range is so beautiful you forget you are at Disneyland and think you are in the deserts of Arizona.

3. Incredicoaster

This thing is an absolute thrill machine for Disney standards and I absolutely love it! Blasting off from 0-55 mph in 4.2 seconds is such an amazing feeling and going up and down through drops and twists and turns is exhilarating. Then of course there is the iconic loop over the Pixar Pier logo that can be nauseating at first if you suffer from motion sickness, but riding it again and again eases it considerably. In terms of theming, I feel Disney could have done a lot better inserting the Incredibles theming in there and I feel they went cheap with all static figures and Jack Jack hanging on a stick. If you are a thrill seeker, then definitely ride this when you visit California Adventure.

2. Splash Mountain

Personally, I think Splash Mountain is better here at Disneyland than at the Magic Kingdom because I like our style of the music and the style of logs more over at Disneyland. I also love that our indoor drop is a roller coaster style “U shaped” drop. Splash Mountain is so iconic because of its theming, songs, animatronics, and family fun atmosphere. This is really a ride you can take the entire family on and pose for the picture at the end.

Number One: Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout!

Here we go the absolute best Disney ride in the world in my opinion. Yes, people will probably completely disagree with me and hate me for it, but I really love the ride system of this drop tower whether it is Tower of Terror or Mission Breakout. Mission Breakout is definitely more thrilling and I love the selection of songs they chose for the ride. It is even more exciting that it will be anchoring an entire Marvel Themed land next year so it won’t look so out of place in the future.

Well that is my list of top 5 rides, what’s yours? List them in the comment section below and lets compare and contrast!


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Disneyland’s Tomorrowland French Fry Rocks Coming Down!

Finally! Those of you who have been following my Youtube channel and Twitter for a while know that I have been waiting for this moment to happen for months! It was heavily rumored months ago that as part of Project Stardust that the massive French Fry rocks would be coming down at the entrance to Tomorrowland.

Then it was pushed back until sometime after Galaxy’s Edge opened because of expected crowds that never showed up. Now it is almost Fall and the project is under construction in full force. It is actually a two part project, one part deals with lowering the curbs on the East side of the hub, and the other part deals with bringing the rocks down. Below is a current view of what it looks like inside the construction walls.

, Disneyland Update: Pumpkins, Crowds & Bees Buzz Into Disneyland
Tomorrowland marquee is gone and to the left the rocks are ready to be demolished. All images courtesy of MiceChat.
, Disneyland Update: Pumpkins, Crowds & Bees Buzz Into Disneyland
Image courtesy of Micechat

Here are some photos of the curb lowering portion of the project and again all images are courtesy of fellow blog Micechat.

, Disneyland Update: Pumpkins, Crowds & Bees Buzz Into Disneyland
, Disneyland Update: Pumpkins, Crowds & Bees Buzz Into Disneyland

I am very excited to see this project finally happen. It will take a couple months for both sides of the rocks to come down, but when they do we will have a grand wide open entrance to Tomorrowland. It is unclear if the Tomorrowland marquee is coming back in its current form or not, but I would personally like to see an arched version like the one at Walt Disney World come to our Tomorrowland.

This project along with rumors heating up of a complete Tomorrowland revamp (potentially to be announced this weekend at D23) have me super excited that we could be getting a brand new Tomorrowland within the next few years possibly beginning constrcution as early as next year! If you would like to hear the latest Disneylan rumor update regarding the future of Tomorrowland click here!


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That’s it for today’s Disneyland update, what do you think of the curb and rocks projects? Are you excited for a potential new Tomrrowland? What would you put in a new Tomorrowland? Comment your thoughts below!

Knott’s Berry Farm Celebrates 100 Years in 2020!

Knott’s Berry Farm Skyline

Next year Knott’s Berry Farm will celebrate its 100th anniversary by having, “A Knott’s Family Reunion”. This will be one of the summer long promotions Knott’s does so very well and will pay tribute to Walter Knott and his family.

knott's family reunion

According to Cedar Fair, guests will be immersed in a once in a lifetime celebration that will include lots of festive decor, themed food and merch, plenty of entertainment, and more! Knott’s will release more details about this event as summer 2020 draws closer. I would personally expect by spring break they will have more information. If you have been to Knott’s previous summer events such as Ghost Town Alive and Knott’s Summer Nights, you know that Knott’s does an EXCELLENT job with all of their summer promotions so look for this one to be better because it is their 100th Anniversary promotion.

Also if you think that this is all they are going to do for their 100th, then you are certainly mistaken. Look for a massive expansion of a Ghost Town including multiple rides and a coaster to come for the 2021 season and to actively be under construction during 2020.

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California’s Great America Water park to be expanded and re-branded into South Bay Shores

Concept art of new water slide complex coming to South Bay Shores

Cedar Fair parks announced all of their 2020 projects yesterday and with that California’s Great America announced that their water park, Boomerang Bay, will be expanded and renamed to South Bay Shores.

The expansion will include upgraded food and beverage locations as well as six new water slides. The new slides are SharkReefPlunge which are four vertical drop slides. Next up is Feeding Frenzy which is an enclosed tube slide that will finish in a giant bowl element at the bottom of the slide. Lastly, Barracuda is a slide that will feature a tight constrictor style series of spins and end with a splashdown at the end.

Some other features to be added are a family play and pool area to be called Tide Pool and Pier 76 which is a new restaurant location.

What do you think of CA Great America’s expansion? Will you be visiting? Comment your thoughts below!