New Play Pavillion and Entrance coming to Epcot

Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new theme park blog to coincide with my Youtube channel Theme Park Wizard. Today we are starting off with some breaking news out from Epcot in Walt Disney World. The Disney Parks Blog today announced that a new Play Pavillion will occupy the former Wonders of Life building in 2021 just in time for Disney Worlds 50th Anniversary. According to the blog the pavillion will feature a city environment that will have lots of interactivity. You will also get to meet Disney characters within the pavillion. Here is some concept art of what this area will look like.

Concept art by Disney of Epcot Play Pavilion

When I look at this piece of concept art I immediately get reminded of the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet. Specifically the scene where Ralph and Vanellope go to the Oh My Disney convention and in there they have a Star Wars area and an area where you can meet all of the Disney Princesses. They have several stages and meet and greets and interactive elements and I believe that is exactly what this area is going to be. One thing to note is that there is no official name yet for this pavillion.

Next up Epcot is getting a brand new entrance which can be seen below.

Concept art by Disney of Epcot’s new entrance

As you can see in the photo the new area removes the Leave a Legacy stones and relocates them outside of the park. This leaves much more room for wider walkways and new planters and benches when the crowds storm the park for all of its new offerings. There will also be a new fountain that pays homage to the original fountain when Epcot first opened. It is a very exciting time for Epcot with so much going on so be sure to keep checking back here for updates and thank you so much for reading my very first blog article!


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