Guest Writer: Dominique’s Horror Nights Experience!

Hello all, so I am starting a new series on this blog where once in awhile I will have guest writers on here to write about their theme park experiences! Today I am proud to introduce Dominique who has written about her time at Horror Nights.

“Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights changes little by little each year. They add elements to popular mazes like Stranger Things, and replace ones for others based from new movies like Us.

Unfortunately, I was only able to go on three mazes: Stranger Things, Holidayz in Hell, and Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

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Comparing to last year, Stranger Things was definitely better this time around, as they added more beings and it looked scarier as well. I loved the humongous being that they added in this maze called “Mindflayer”. It looked incredible and intimidating as it basically towers over you on its fours. The intense music throughout the maze with all of the demogorgans and other characters popping out flowed a lot more.

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Now I am a person that cannot stand clowns, but Killer Klowns from Outer Space maze was actually pretty interesting. It was the only maze where someone/something made me jump, and I am not surprised. Those clowns looked super creepy, and I’m pretty sure they would haunt my dreams if I went into that maze for a second time. The big smiles on their faces freaked me out already, imagine one coming out from around the corner? No thanks! That is enough challenging my heart rate for the day.

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It wasn’t over yet though, Holidayz in Hell made me rethink about all of the holidays we have over the year. I knew from the moment walking though, that I would hate looking at the Easter Bunny. The creepy Easter Bunny was the scariest one in my eyes out of all the holiday madness. I know for sure that Stranger Things was my favorite maze out of the ones we went to, even though the other ones were just as cool looking.

As for some of the tasty snacks during horror nights: yeah sure Panda Express is great, but the 6x chocolate shake was really good at Studio Scoop. They also had some limited edition Stranger Things treats that looked amazing: one was a really rich chocolate shake with black licorice and raspberry syrup, as well as soft served ice cream with mini waffles on top. Now that’s how you would get a crazy sugar high for a long day like that.

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Ice Cream Shakes from Studio Scoop
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Stranger Things Ice Cream Waffles

Overall, Horror Nights was pretty fun. Of course the lines were very intense, especially as hours went by after opening. We avoided the majority of the lines due to them being pretty much two hours just to go in some of the mazes. It was also a bummer that the tram wasn’t happening this year, but the time spent at the event was exciting. Was the ticket expensive to get in? Yes. Will I want to go next year? Most likely yes. As long as you got some friends to hangout with it could make the trip worth it.”

Thank you Dominique for your review of Horror Nights. What do you guys think of the treats and mazes? Comment your thoughts below! Donations are always appreciated and welcome to help keep this blog going!