My Top 5 Rides at the Disneyland Resort!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Welcome! Today am I going to list my top 5 rides at the Disneyland Resort! I would love for you to comment below whether you agree or disagree with this list. This top 5 is from both Disneyland and California Adventure so let’s get started right now!

5. Hyperspace Mountain

I absolutely love this version of Space Mountain. It is my favorite version that is offered at the Disneyland Resort and it takes you on the same track as the classic Space Mountain, but with special effects and music themed to Star Wars. This version is currently being offered at Disneyland right now and an end date is not known at this time.

4. Radiator Springs Racers

Arguably the best themed attraction Disney ever made is 4th on my list because the other three rides ahead of it are more thrilling, but mark my words this is a MUST DO attraction while your at the Disneyland Resort. This attraction and Cars Land itself are a reason to get a park hopper ticket alone. This masterpiece of a ride is half dark ride (with incredibly impressive animontronics with mouths that move on some of them) and half thrill ride implementing a Test Track like system that propels the vehicles on a racing track to the finish line. Not only is the ride amazing, but its showbuidling is among the best out there. Cadillac Range is so beautiful you forget you are at Disneyland and think you are in the deserts of Arizona.

3. Incredicoaster

This thing is an absolute thrill machine for Disney standards and I absolutely love it! Blasting off from 0-55 mph in 4.2 seconds is such an amazing feeling and going up and down through drops and twists and turns is exhilarating. Then of course there is the iconic loop over the Pixar Pier logo that can be nauseating at first if you suffer from motion sickness, but riding it again and again eases it considerably. In terms of theming, I feel Disney could have done a lot better inserting the Incredibles theming in there and I feel they went cheap with all static figures and Jack Jack hanging on a stick. If you are a thrill seeker, then definitely ride this when you visit California Adventure.

2. Splash Mountain

Personally, I think Splash Mountain is better here at Disneyland than at the Magic Kingdom because I like our style of the music and the style of logs more over at Disneyland. I also love that our indoor drop is a roller coaster style “U shaped” drop. Splash Mountain is so iconic because of its theming, songs, animatronics, and family fun atmosphere. This is really a ride you can take the entire family on and pose for the picture at the end.

Number One: Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout!

Here we go the absolute best Disney ride in the world in my opinion. Yes, people will probably completely disagree with me and hate me for it, but I really love the ride system of this drop tower whether it is Tower of Terror or Mission Breakout. Mission Breakout is definitely more thrilling and I love the selection of songs they chose for the ride. It is even more exciting that it will be anchoring an entire Marvel Themed land next year so it won’t look so out of place in the future.

Well that is my list of top 5 rides, what’s yours? List them in the comment section below and lets compare and contrast!


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