Cedar Point Has Set Their 2020 Announcement Date for December 19th

Right after Knott’s Berry Farm announced their new 2020 attraction, Cedar Point teased a new 2020 addition of their own. Cedar Point has said that on December 19th they will announce this mystery new attraction.

I have some thoughts on what this attraction may be based on what we can observe at the park right now. I can tell you this will not be a roller coaster as there have been no permits filed with the city and construction has not begun anywhere in the park for this new addition.

It could be a partnership with Triotech in bringing a new or refurbished/rethemed dark ride to the park, which I think would be a great addition to this park full of coasters. Cedar Point could also be partnering with Triotech to add animatronics to their river rapids ride as well. What do you think it will be? What do you want Cedar Point to get next? Let me know in the comments below!


Cedar Point is Teasing a New 2020 Addition

Following on the footsteps of Knott’s new 2020 teaser announcement, Cedar Point is now teasing their own new addition for their 150th Anniversary next year. No major construction is happening at the moment so it is safe to say it will not be a major new addition such as a record breaking roller coaster.

Just because it will not be a major roller coaster does not mean that this new addition won’t be exciting. Cedar Fair is partnering with Triotech for Knott’s so maybe a new or revamped dark ride will be coming to Cedar Point as well. Also there could be a new family coaster coming because those do not take as long to build as the major coasters.

The announcement did mention a river though and that is very interesting as Cedar Point could be revamping their river rafting ride like Knott’s did last year. Not much else is known about this teaser, but expect to find out much more on both new Cedar Fair attractions in a couple weeks at IAAPA.

Silver Dollar City Announces Mystic River Falls for 2020

Mystic Rivers Concept Art

After the success of Time Traveler, Silver Dollar City is announcing their next major addition, Mystic River Falls. Mystic River Falls will be will have the tallest raft drop in the western hemisphere. The ride will take rafters into the history Marvel cave which is where Silver Dollar City started about sixty years ago. Some cool new elements of the ride will include an 82 foot tall elevator lift hill, a six story elevated river channel, and a grand finale four and a half story drop.

This attraction will be the anchor to a new themed land called Rivertown filled with folks from the 1880’s. In 2020, the park will also have lost of events and entertainment throughout the year for its Diamond Jubilee 60th Anniversary. So what do you think of this new ride and themed area? Will you be going next year? Comment your thoughts below and do not forget to click the like and follow button for notifications on when new articles come out!