Universal Studios Hollywood Construction Update!

Welcome back to Theme Park Wizard where today we will take a look at some of the construction going on at Universal Studios Hollywood. I have been super busy the last few weeks and unfortunately was not able to the parks so I credit Dylan from Theme Park Obsession for these fantastic photos of the construction in the parks. I also invite you to watch his latest video! So let’s get started with the Secret Life of Pets project.

Secret Life of Pets from Theme Park Obsession

The Pets project is still under wraps, but as you can see here the facade work has been really making progress and the tarps look to be coming off sooner rather than later which is a great thing. This ride is supposed to open in Spring 2020 and believe it or not that is just a few short months away. Baker Street is still closed so to get to Minion Mayhem you must go around and use French Street.

Next up let’s take a look at the Nintendo project being built down in the lower lot.

Nintendo Land by Theme Park Obsession

Here is an overhead look at the Super Nintendo Project and you can see that the show building for Mario Kart is having its roof being installed. The second building to the left has gone more vertical and has had more steel beams installed along the site. The space is extremely tight so some people are wondering if the buildings housing the Studio Store and Panda Express will be demolished and rebuilt to allow for more breathing room and match the new themes of the Lower Lot.

What do you think of all the changes going on at the park? Are you excited for the Pets and Mario? Comment your thoughts down below and make sure to hit the follow button for constant theme park updates!


Universal Studios Hollywood Construction Update

Hello all and welcome back for a quick Universal Studios Hollywood construction update. Today I will show you updates on the Secret Life of Pets, Super Nintendo World, and the Holidayz in Hell maze.

Secret Life Of Pets

First, let’s take a look at the Secret Life of Pets (SLOP) attraction being built next to the minions. Nothing really new has changed here since my last update as the building is still behind green scaffolding.

Secret Life Of Pets
You can see some detail and arched windows through the scrim
Grand Entrance

Super Nintendo World

Next up, I will show you some pictures of the under construction Super Nintendo World in the Lower Lot. You can see the Mario Kart foundations and track are really starting to come into focus and the layout should be completed in a couple of months. Some steel is going up near where the rumored Donkey Kong coaster is supposed to go (Side nearest to Jurassic World) so it will be very interesting to see how that area turns out.

The dirt curves represent the Mario Kart track
Mario Kart track up top, rumored Donkey Kong on the dirt lot to the lower left
Overview of Super Nintendo World

Holidaze in Hell Maze

I was with family and in a bit of a rush during this update so the only maze I was able to capture progress of was Holidaze in Hell. The only major progress I could see was they updated the facade to a really cool looking postcard like night time sky.

Holidaze in Hell Facade

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