Orion to be 10th fastest coaster in the world, coming Spring 2020 to Kings Island

Concept art of Orion

Well today is finally the day that Cedar Fair has revealed their announcements for their parks and most of it was not too exciting except for Orion here at Kings Island. It has been widely speculated that Kings Island will be getting a Giga coaster next year and the rampant rumors were right.

Orion will be the tallest and fastest coaster at Kings Island and also quite long as well.

Orion will have a 300 ft drop and will go as fast as 91 mph making it one of the fastest coasters on the planet. The coaster will anchor an revamped land to be called Area 72. The backstory to the ride and land is that scientist are doing a special research project in the area and Orion is a special prototype for the Project X initiative and volunteers are needed. The researchers are trying to develop a vehicle that can traverse through meteor showers.

Orion will debut in Spring 2020 and will be the world’s seventh Giga coaster. This is a very exciting and excellent addition to the park and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts below on this coaster! Also let’s get others in on the action as well by sharing this article and following this page!