New Tomorrowland Sign Installed at the Magic Kingdom!

A beautiful new Tomorrowland sign has been installed outside Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. The look of this sign is very clean and modern and points to a futuristic new Tomorrowland that seems to be coming to the Magic Kingdom in small stages leading to the opening of Tron in two years.

I have been following the entrance work at Tomorrowland here at Disneyland as well and our sign and rock work is removed too for the time being. I hope we get an entrance sign as awesome as the new one at Magic Kingdom.

Speaking of Disneyland, here is a construction update from Fresh Baked on how the removal of the rock work is coming along.

Photo courtesy of Fresh Baked Disney on Youtube

This was taken from the Astro Orbitor last Saturday and as you can see the rocks from one side are completely gone and the other side looks like it is about to follow suit. I am really hoping that this means sometime next year Tomorrowland will being its massive refurb and something hopefully will be announced in the coming months. There is other work currently happening in Tomorrowland right now as well such as some work at the Space Mountain exit and the Star Tours facade.

What do you think of the new Tomorrowland sign at the Magic Kingdom? Disneyland’s rocks removed? Tomorrowland enhancements coming to both parks? Comment your thoughts down below!

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Disneyland’s Tomorrowland French Fry Rocks Coming Down!

Finally! Those of you who have been following my Youtube channel and Twitter for a while know that I have been waiting for this moment to happen for months! It was heavily rumored months ago that as part of Project Stardust that the massive French Fry rocks would be coming down at the entrance to Tomorrowland.

Then it was pushed back until sometime after Galaxy’s Edge opened because of expected crowds that never showed up. Now it is almost Fall and the project is under construction in full force. It is actually a two part project, one part deals with lowering the curbs on the East side of the hub, and the other part deals with bringing the rocks down. Below is a current view of what it looks like inside the construction walls.

, Disneyland Update: Pumpkins, Crowds & Bees Buzz Into Disneyland
Tomorrowland marquee is gone and to the left the rocks are ready to be demolished. All images courtesy of MiceChat.
, Disneyland Update: Pumpkins, Crowds & Bees Buzz Into Disneyland
Image courtesy of Micechat

Here are some photos of the curb lowering portion of the project and again all images are courtesy of fellow blog Micechat.

, Disneyland Update: Pumpkins, Crowds & Bees Buzz Into Disneyland
, Disneyland Update: Pumpkins, Crowds & Bees Buzz Into Disneyland

I am very excited to see this project finally happen. It will take a couple months for both sides of the rocks to come down, but when they do we will have a grand wide open entrance to Tomorrowland. It is unclear if the Tomorrowland marquee is coming back in its current form or not, but I would personally like to see an arched version like the one at Walt Disney World come to our Tomorrowland.

This project along with rumors heating up of a complete Tomorrowland revamp (potentially to be announced this weekend at D23) have me super excited that we could be getting a brand new Tomorrowland within the next few years possibly beginning constrcution as early as next year! If you would like to hear the latest Disneylan rumor update regarding the future of Tomorrowland click here!


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That’s it for today’s Disneyland update, what do you think of the curb and rocks projects? Are you excited for a potential new Tomrrowland? What would you put in a new Tomorrowland? Comment your thoughts below!