Six Flags Earnings Dissappoint

Merely weeks after Six Flags tried to buy Cedar Fair, Six Flags had their earnings call this afternoon to see how the company performed these past three months. Apparently it was not good and they were definitely trying to buy Cedar Fair for a reason as they lost a lot of money in the last quarter.

There were some positives though such as revenue being up $1 million over the previous quarter. From there it was all down hill. There was a 3% decline in attendance across the chain as well as 1% drop in guest spending and a 26% drop in corporate sponsorship’s. Lastly, net income dropped 2% or $5 million.

In my opinion this makes the decline from Cedar Fair huge as clearly Six Flags was looking for more attendance by growing the amount of parks they own. They also most likely were looking for leadership from Cedar Fair to change the way Six Flags runs its parks.

What do you think about this rough quarter for Six flags? Do you think buying Cedar Fair would have helped? Do you think Six Flags will look at these results and try to spend more on enhancing the guest experience besides new coasters and rides? Comment your thoughts down below!