Things Six Flags Magic Mountain Needs to Improve

Tatsu Flying

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been awhile, I have been busy this week with work and other things, but I am back now and ready to continue to put out articles every few days. About ten days ago I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my family and while at the park I wanted to document everything the park can do to improve and become a quality theme park such as Disney and Universal. I also filmed a West Coast Racers update which can be viewed here.


With anything, a first impression is very important because it sets the tone for the day. At Disney you park and come down the escalators to Disney music playing and a beautifully themed parking area. Here at Six Flags it is very different…

The parking area has no signage whatsoever

When you first enter the Magic Mountain (MM) parking lot it is very wide and open, yet there is no signage to the buses or even where the park is. They just go with the “Look all the roller-coasters are over there so that’s must be where I walk” thought process. Also when MM opens up the extended overflow lot, it is just a dirt lot which is not very attractive to park your car on or look at.

I suggest MM should build a parking structure on the dirt lot to add parking spaces, but also open up space for Hurricane Harbor expansion on the existing surface parking lot. They also need to add signage directing guests to the buses and parks.

Two buses not operational

When I went to the park, it was a very busy day with most people heading to Hurricane Harbor. Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture above, Six Flags decided not to run all the available buses and a huge line formed in the parking lot as a result.

There was no shade by the way in that line and it was at least 95 degrees outside. So my family and I made the roughly 10-15 min walk to the entrance gates (no shade the whole way) and on the way I saw this multiple times throughout the lot.

Open trash cans filled to the brim EWWWWW

This is absolutely shameful and disgusting. Disney nor Universal first off do not have these kinds of trash cans and second they would not leave them so full that trash is spilling on to the floor. This is absolutely disgusting and again ruins that first impression a guest has when they are new to this park.

Luckily, inside the park that trash cans are closed, but just because this is the parking lot does not mean they should treat this area differently. Now it is time to move inside the park.

Cobwebs in the queue

The main gripe I have with inside the park are the operations and maintenance of things. For example in the Viper queue there are tons of cobwebs hanging on the ceiling as if it is Fright Fest 365 days a year in there or something. Most of the older rides queues are in horrible shape and vastly need to be improved.

The newer rides such as Drop of Doom have a nice clean and indoor queue which is shockingly good for Six Flags standards. Then we come to the operations and dispatches which are so incredibly slow it is insane. Six Flags coasters have mostly just two trains on the track but they are so slow in releasing each train it causes the other train to wait on the block brake for a minute or two until the train in the station leaves.

The wait times for rides were not that long, but can be vastly improved by speedier operations. Also signage that indicates the wait time in front of the rides would really help as I only noticed this on two rides the entire time I was there. Another thing Six Flags should add and promote is the Single Rider lines. When we were in line for Scream (which was only running one train) the train came through the station multiple times and left with at least 5-8 single seats open every time. A single rider line could really help to fill those remaining seats and because they were not filled, our wait time was increased by at least 20 min.

We left the park at about 9 pm and I had fun documenting all the things that Six Flags can improve in all of their parks. What do you think Six Flags should improve? Comment below!

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