Explore Wildwood Grove at Dollywood

Wildwood Grove Dollywood

A couple of months ago Dollywood in Tennessee opened their largest expansion yet, Wildwood Grove. This fantastic addition composes of several new family rides and an family inverted coaster.

Central area of Wildwood Grove

There is the Wildwood Tree which plays music during the day and at night is beautifully lit up.

Wildwood Tree

There is a water play area called Wildwood Creek and a jungle gym area called Hidden Hollow. There are six new rides including Dragonflier, The Mad Mockingbird, Treetop Tower, Great Tree Swing, Black Bear Trail, and Frogs and Fireflies.

Everything excluding the Dragonflier are flat rides, while the Dragonflier is an inverted coaster.


The Dragonflier is a Vekoma family inverted coaster that can fit twenty riders per train and goes about 46 mph. It stands 63 feet tall and has a track length of nearly 1,500 feet.

What do you guys think of this new expansion to this great thematic park? Have you been to Dollywood? Are you planning to go in the future or near future? Would you like to see a version of the Dragonflier come to a Disney or Universal park near you? Comment your thoughts below and be sure to hit that follow button!


2 thoughts on “Explore Wildwood Grove at Dollywood

  1. Dollywood is organized into 10 themed areas: Showstreet, Rivertown Junction, Craftsman’s Valley, The Village, Country Fair, Timber Canyon, Wilderness Pass, and Jukebox Junction reflect the historical eras and culture of East Tennessee, while Owens Farm and Adventures in Imagination explore Dolly Parton’s life and imagination. Many attractions focus on the history and culture of the Southern Appalachian region.

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