Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Has Opened at Island’s of Adventure!

Hagrid’s Motorbike Concept Art By Universal

The day has finally come! The most anticipated addition to Universal Orlando since the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is here and it attracted a 600 minute (10 hour) wait time by park opening.

10 hour wait time

Hagrid’s replaced Dragon Challenge and is a PERFECT addition to Hogsmeade and it is themed beautifully. Universal planted 1,200 trees to create a man made forest for the coaster trains to travel through. The Forbidden Forest is super picturesque with Hogwarts Castle fitting perfectly behind it to create a stunning background picture.

The queue is also beautifully themed to the ruins of Hogwarts and has a pre-show with Hagrid showing everyone how to ride the motorbike.

Ride Entrance

Throughout the ride itself you get to experience multiple launches, several animatronics and show scenes, and a trip through Devil’s Snare which includes a drop track that drops you several feet.

Central area of the ride

The ride also includes a pretty steep Spike element where the train will climb the Spike and then freefall backwards along the next section of the coaster.

Image result for hagrid's motorbike adventure spike
Spike Element

Here is a full POV of the ride so you can see it for yourself!


Impressed by Hagrid’s Motorbike Coaster? Well go ahead and plan a trip to Orlando to ride it for yourself! But before you do make sure to use these INCREDIBLE discounts thanks to Get Away Today and use my special promo code: TPW for all packages you purchase! Link to all the fun is right here!

Well that’s it for today’s update, comment below on what you think about Universal’s new coaster and would you want to ride it?


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