The Battu Series: Part Four Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run

Millennium Falcon Cockpit

Hello and welcome back to The Battu Series where today I will talk all about the Smuggler’s Run attraction. Wow, this day is what people such as my mom and others have been waiting for, the day they can finally take a picture in front of and pilot the Millennium Falcon. While I see this ride as a Star Tours 2.0, major Star Wars fans are going to absolutely love this thing and want to keep going on it over and over again.

This ride has a couple of advantages over Star Tours though. One of them is that it is a brand new ride with bran new technology. Another advantage is that is is more personal and intimate than Star Tours because this vehicle only has six seats compared to the twenty-five or so of Star Tours. Lastly, each seat will have a role to play in the ride. There will be two pilot, two engineers, and two gunners. Each seat will be randomly assigned as to avoid long lines for any one position.

The backstory to this attraction is that you are helping Hondo (who will be an animontronic in the pre-show) do missions using the Falcon for rewards. This attraction is extremely interactive, if you fly the ship and wreck it then you will not get a reward and Hondo will be very upset with you. If you an amazing job you will get a reward (credits) to use throughout Battu. Watch out though, after you have done the missions the First Order troops could be looking for you to arrest you.

The queue will be very interactive and immersive as well. You will get to walk through the halls of the ship and hang out in the chess room while your party is waiting to be called to pilot the Falcon.

Millennium Falcon Chess Room

So what do you guys think of this attraction? Does it interest you? Will you be riding it when you visit Battu? Are you waiting until Rise of the Resistance opens? Comment your thoughts below!


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