The Battu Series: Part Three, Droid and Light-Saber Building Experiences

Happy Memorial Day! As of this article we are just FOUR DAYS away from the opening of Galaxy’s Edge. On May 29th, Disney will host on official dedication ceremony via the Disney Parks Blog Live-stream so stay tuned for that. In this next chapter of The Battu Series I will be talking about the Droid and Light-saber building experiences and the price of each activity.

Light sabers from Savi’s Workshop

So let’s start off with the light-sabers. Once inside Galaxy’s Edge you will need to find Savi’s Workshop. It will not be in plain sight and you will have to do some exploring in the village to be able to find it. Once you have found it, you must give the secret password to be allowed to go inside.

Once inside the experience begins and you start building your light-saber. Not much yet is known about the experience or what it entails, but I do know there are four different types of light-saber hilt themes you can choose from. They include peace and justice, power and control, elemental nature, and protection and defense.

In your light-saber box you will be provided with one hilt, four sleeves, two emitters, two pommel caps, and two sets of activation plates and switches. Only the builder and one guest can enter the experience at a time. Passholder discounts do not apply for this attraction and the most important piece of information is that the price is $199.99.

Droid Depot Image by Disney

Next up is the Droid Depot where you will get to customize and build your own droid. This experience is only $99.99, but that price can go way up if you buy all the accessories that come with the droid. You have the option to get a BB series droid or a R2 series droid. No matter which one you get they still only come with four basic parts.

Next you will go to the Build Station where a monitor will show you how to assemble your droid. There will also be pre-built droids available for purchase such as Captain Rex from Star Tours and a full size R2-D2 for $25,000. Each droid will come with a bluetooth chip to interact with each other as well as with other elements throughout Galaxy’s Edge. What do you think of these two attractions and will you be experiencing them? Comment below your thoughts and follow this blog for continuous theme park and Galaxy’s Edge updates. The Battu Series continues tomorrow with a description and my predictions for the Smuggler’s Run attraction.


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