Take A Peek Inside the WDW Skyliner!

Concept Art by Disney of the Skyliner

Last week Disney revealed an inside look of the new Disney Skyliner transportation system coming to the Walt Disney World Resort later on this year. As shown in the above concept art, most of the gondolas will have a special design on them featuring a Disney character. Some gondolas will just be plain with a single color on them.

disney skyliner interior
Photo by Attractions Magazine of the interior of the Gondola

Each gondola will festaure bench seating with a capacity of up to ten people. No word yet on if strollers will be allowed in the gondola, but based on the amount of space I would think they would not be allowed on the system. The gondolas will also not have any air conditioning and will travel speeds in between 9-11 mph. According to Disney it should not take anyone longer than 7 min to travel in between destinations, so a person should not have to be in a gondola for too long. Each gondola will also have little open slits allowing air to come in as it is traveling to its next destination.

No word on if they will operate during stormy weather or if they will just be temporarily shut down during that time. This system has been heavily testing over the past few weeks and a portion of it could open early if all goes well. So will you be taking the Disney Skyliner? Do you like the character designs? What do you think about strollers and the lack of air conditioning? Comment all your thoughts below and if you love this content please follow this site!


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