NBA Experience to Open August 12th at Disney Springs

Concept Art of NBA Experience at Disney Springs

Disney has officially given us an opening date for the NBA experience coming to Disney Springs. It will officially open August 12th in the former home of Disney Quest.

In this attraction guests will have a chance to feel what the life of a basketball player feels like. You will be able to go into the locker room and step on to the NBA court and shoot some hoops as well. One really cool moment guests will get to enjoy is the NBA Draft. You will get the chance to step on to the stage and have the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver introduce you to the crowd and you even get a fantastic photo opportunity.

Some other interactive elements of this attraction include being able to practice your dribbling through a set of skills challenges, learn about the history of the NBA’s most storied franchises, Play a Trivia game assessing your knowledge of the history of the NBA, Play interactive basketball games, Immersive yourself in 180 degree screens that showcase in arena moments of NBA games, and much more!

Comment below what do you think of the NBA Experience and are you excited to go check it out for yourself?


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