Is Green Lantern At Six Flags Magic Mountain Going to be Removed Soon?

Green Lantern at Six Flags Magic Mountain

If you are a season pass holder at Six Flags Magic Mountain, then you know that the Green Lantern Roller Coaster has been down for nearly a year. If this rumor is true, then we may have an explanation as to why that it has been down for so long. The Park President himself a while ago said that the ride is undergoing a significant refurb and will reopen as a brand new smoother experience, but as mentioned by awesome youtubers Park bros and others, the ride has not seen any work being done on it in nearly a year. Below is a screenshotted instagram post that was featured on the latest Park Bros video where the poster states that she got seriously injured on the ride and the it would not return.

Instagram post featured on the Park Bros Youtube Video

As you can see in the post, the poster states that team members at the park told them that the ride would not reopen. It is unclear how true this rumor may be, but it is something certainly worth thinking about as the ride has been not operating for nearly two years at this point.

If the ride is to be removed, I certainly think they should remove Tidal Wave as well and then they would be able to put a decent size coaster in that plot. Now as mentioned Magic Mountain is likely looking to keep their coaster count up as they have constantly been touting West Coast Racers as their “Record Breaking 20th Coaster” so it is unclear when/if Green Lantern will be removed anytime soon.

If this ride is removed what would you guys like to see it replaced with? Feel free to comment below your answers and also please give me a follow as it really helps this blog out!


2 thoughts on “Is Green Lantern At Six Flags Magic Mountain Going to be Removed Soon?

  1. I saw this on Twitter because of Queen of the mansion.. I enjoyed your take on things and will keep watching.. I’m on Twitter and YouTube as gowithkel

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