World of Color Finally back at Disney California Adventure

World Of Color at Disney California Adventure

After 11 months of being down and in a extended refurbishment, I am very happy to say that the World of Color is FINALLY back at Disney California Adventure Park (DCA). When the Paint the Night parade left DCA before the holidays the park for several months was left without any nighttime entertainment. After months of Disney not announcing a return I was beginning to worry that it might not be back up before the crowds start coming in for Star Wars Galaxies Edge in June. It is very important DCA has nighttime entertainment and just about any offering that can pull the crowds over from Disneyland this summer. It is reported that the show will be the old show for now which is great because a lot of people I talk to love the old show the best.

I hope you are as excited about this as I am please share that excitement and comment below what your favorite version of this show is and until then stay tuned for my next article coming soon detailing the DCA Food and Wine Festival which starts next week.


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